THE MANRESA CUP is a series of sporting and cultural events that take place in the city of Manresa, located near Barcelona. It is aimed to bringing together age-grade athletic teams and students from all over the world and together play sports or perform arts while having the chance to visit and learn more about the history of St.Ignatius of Loyola in Manresa and Barcelona. The series of events take place at different times of the year according to each sport calendar.

THE MANRESA CUP wants to contribute to the goal of bringing schools together from across the globe. We use sports and cultural activities as tools to generate new international connections among its participants. We found the Manresa Cup and the city of Manresa as the perfect event and place to initiate new and joint projects among the international community. Each event will have its own unique socially-oriented project embedded, either local or international. Participants are welcome to bring their own ideas about what legacy they want to leave behind by being part of the event.


Este es el encabezado

To make the city of Manresa a gathering point of cultural and sporting events for Ignatian followers from around the world.


Este es el encabezado

Contribute to the reinforcement of international exchanges of Ignatian followers and schools and to provide valuable education of Ignatian history in a unique experience with international peers through a series of cultural, sports and charity activities.


Este es el encabezado

Sportsmanship. International friendship. Diversity. Discipline. Solidarity. Excellence.

Isologo Crema


◆ Provide an international class sporting and cultural experience.

 Reinforce the knowledge of Manresa and the region in St. Ignatius life.

 Connect Ignatian followers from around the world.

 Promote the Ignatian way.

 Contribute with the maintenance of special historic places.

 Build friendships that will last forever.