THE MANRESA CUP is a multisport and cultural event that takes place in the City of Manresa, Barcelona, Spain. It is aimed to bringing together student athletes from Catholic institutions from all over the world. The event takes place at different times of the year considering that school calendars vary from country to country.

THE MANRESA CUP provides student athletes the possibility of complementing their education by visiting Manresa and learning more about the history of St. Ignatius in the city and the rest of the region, following ‘THE IGNATIAN WAY’.


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To become a gathering point of cultural and sporting endeavors for Ignatian followers from around the world.


Este es el encabezado

Contribute to the reinforcement of Jesuit education, and valuable knowledge of Ignatian history in a unique experience with international peers through a series of cultural, sports and charity activities.


Este es el encabezado

Spiritual growth. Leadership. Discipline. Solidarity. Intellectual Competence. Compassion. Excellence. Justice.

Isologo Crema


◆ Provide an international class sporting and cultural experience.

 Reinforce the knowledge of Manresa and the region in St. Ignatius life.

 Connect Jesuit students and Ignatian followers from around the world.

 Promote the Ignatian way.

 Contribute with the maintenance of special historic places.

 Build friendships that will last forever.