THE MANRESA CUP is a project created for the worldwide Ignatian community based on sports as a platform for cultural and social advancement. The idea was developed from previous experience in Manresa with high school athletic teams, seeing the good that an event of this magnitude can help the local community and St. Ignatius heritage there. At the same time, it gives international students a unique opportunity to visit and discover Manresa, to deepen the historical knowledge about St. Ignatius, and, if the participant schools see it feasible, take the time to organize religious activities during the trip.

The Manresa Cup wants to leave a legacy by donating part of the revenue to help mantaining historical buildings related to the life of St. Ignatius in the city and the rest of the country.  The organization is open to suggestions about contributing to other social and educational affairs locally and internationally.

Isologo Crema

Agustín has over a decade of international experience organizing sporting events and single team tours. He has worked with Gonzaga College rugby team (Washington DC, USA) several times and went on tour to destinations such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy, where he organized games and cultural activities with other local Jesuit institutions.

He holds an International Marketing Degree from UADE University (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and a Sports Industry Management Masters Degree from Georgetown University (Washington DC, USA). Rugby is his passion as he played the game for over 20 years.